Hello Topper,

very good read! And yes its hard for indie games to surface amongst the sea of games out there. I believe at 8Bit Arcade we are somewhat on the way to helping/solving part of the issue indie games have with visibility. There is no single solution but a collaborative effort in a buoyant sector with the necessary resources and contacts can make all the difference.

I'd love to know more about the game you are working on?

Here is my telegram handle if you want to reach out: @Bryant_Russell

Regards, Russell

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Hi Topper,

yes, funnily I'd already come across your project a couple of weeks back. Think I may have been on a twitter spaces you were speaking in.

Anyhow, here is my telegram: https://t.me/Bryant_Russell

or LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/russell-bryant-52419a24b/

Please connect and we can arrange a call sometime.

Regards, Russell

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