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Mission: Gam3On aims to provide a collaborative news hub for the gaming community, connecting gamers, game developers, and independent writers. We strive to create a space where everyone can share their stories, insights, and experiences in the world of gaming.

Vision: Our vision is to become a leading source of gaming news, reviews, and insights while fostering a community of games and gamers that supports and encourages each other's growth and success.

Purpose: The purpose of Gam3On is to showcase the diverse voices and perspectives within the gaming community and provide a platform for games and gamers to connect, collaborate, and share their passion for gaming. We believe that by creating a space for gamers to share their stories and experiences, we can inspire, educate, and entertain others while promoting inclusivity and diversity within the gaming industry.


Hi there, I'm Ana-Maria! As the media host for Blockstars, I have the pleasure of writing articles for them on the streams and spaces that I host. On occasion, I also write summaries of threads to highlight thought leaders as well! Additionally, I do consulting work for marketing, company culture, and project development. You can find my LinkedIn.

Gam3On was born out of a need that I have observed for quite some time. As a former academic, I realized that there was no true archive of knowledge being shared in the gaming industry. I consistently saw traditional media focus solely on AAA games or Defi, leaving a gap in the indie and modern gaming news market. Once the idea came to fruition and I purchased the domain, I invited Anthony and Mel from the Sydney Houston Group to participate because they are movers and shakers and work super hard to support modern gaming. Plus, they are good humans.

Our aim in the near future is to form an editorial board and add an extensive number of contributors from the indie gaming and modern gaming world to create a cooperative news platform.

We value everyone's intellectual property and believe that it should be respected and kept. In order to do this, we work with contributors that have Medium or Substack. All of us publish to Gam3On and a common dot com with notable SEO and growing social channels where gamers can find out about whatever games and content creators are publishing.

Recently, we have added the Game Testers page to our website so that gamers can find games that need testing. We are also adding a Content Creators Spotlight page, where we spotlight content creators who are working to push gaming forward to benefit the entire gaming ecosystem. We hope to continue expanding and creating a space where all gamers and gaming professionals can come together and share their knowledge and experiences.

Thank you for your interest in Gam3On!

Rising tides lift all boats!

If you’re interested in being a contributor or partner of “GAM3 ON”, don’t hesitate to email Ana at ana.maria@blockstars.gg for more information.

Ps: In addition to providing engaging and informative content Blockstars sponsors a community gaming database and calendar with all upcoming Twitter Spaces. This valuable resource helps the gaming community at large stay up-to-date and connected, making it easier for gamers and game developers alike to stay informed and engaged with the latest news, trends, and developments in the world of gaming.

Contributors are listed on the sidebar of the homepage.

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GAM3 ON is a collaborative, community-driven, news hub for #indie and #modern games.


GAM3 ON is a collaborative, community-centric, news network for exploring the stories & people behind your favorite #modern and #indie games.
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